Hello! I'm a PhD student at Pennsylvania State University, specializing in the Informatics track with a focus on Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. I am advised by Prof. Dongwon Lee and a part of the PIKE research group. I am also a Visiting Scholar at New York University in Prof. He He's group.

My research focuses on machine-generated text detection, authorship attribution, obfuscation, and watermarking approaches for Large Language Models (LLMs). I am also interested in the evaluation of LLM-generated texts and what might or might not make them "human-like". I hope to work further on leveraging psycholinguistic theory for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications and find ways in which models can directly learn from human cognitive processes.

During my PhD, I have been a research intern at Google, Samsung Research America, and Cadence Design Systems, helping build Reinforcement Learning (RL), NLP, and Machine Learning (ML) solutions for different applications such as dialog-based recommenders, voice assistants, and custom hardware design layouts, respectively.


May 2024 - Paper on paraphrased text authorship titled A Ship of Theseus: Curious Cases of Paraphrasing in LLM-Generated Texts accepted to ACL 2024

Apr 2024 - Attended the Women in Cybersecurity Conference WiCys in Nashville, TN

Mar 2024 - Won the Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Teaching Support (College of IST, Penn State) 2023-2024 for the course titled "Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence"

Mar 2024 - Paper on using statistical psycholinguistic features to detect Deepfake Texts - GPT-who: An Information Density-based Machine-Generated Text Detector accepted to NAACL-Findings 2024

Feb 2024 - Paper on authorship obfuscation using syntactic stylometry titled ALISON: Fast and Effective Stylometric Authorship Obfuscation at AAAI 2024

Nov 2023 - New preprint titled A Ship of Theseus: Curious Cases of Paraphrasing in LLM-Generated Texts is available on arXiv

Oct 2023 - Tutorial titled Catch Me If You GPT: Tutorial on Deepfake Texts accepted to NAACL 2024

May 2023 - Paper on evaluation of decoding algorithms titled How do decoding algorithms distribute information in dialogue responses? at EACL-Findings 2023